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Sunday Homitz, L.P.T.


About Us

 Body Technic Systems®, Inc., founded by Sunday Homitz, L.P.T., a  licensed physical therapist  since 1988, founded Body Technic Systems,®. Ms.  Homitz uses an integrative systems approach to FULL  FUNCTIONAL ACTIVITY.  Physical therapist, personal fitness trainer and Pilates master-class instructor.  Sunday established her Pilates school in 1990, The longevity of Sunday’s Pilates  school, 28 years, is due to  classical and somatic/integrative work. Sunday, a life-long  dancer and holds a BFA in Dance Performance  and Pedagogy and is also a specialist  in performance arts. She has been on the dance faculty U. of Akron  for over  15 years. Sunday was the lead physical therapist for the Cleveland-San Jose Ballet  and has worked  with touring shows such as Disney’s Newsies, Wicked, Phantom of  the Opera, Cats, Flash Dance, and  more.


Body Technic Systems®, Inc., is an international physical therapy and performance arts clinic.  

The clinic offers: 

  • specialized back, knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle rehabilitation services

  • fitness training

  • Classes offered include: Pilates, Gyrokinesis®, Yoga, Physioball, and Kinescape™ a revolutionary system of movement and strength training.. Body Technic Systems®, Inc. also offers a Pilates Teacher Training School.

Physical Therapy at Body Technic Systems®, Inc. is a dynamic, wellness-centered approach to outpatient rehabilitation. Using the latest technology and equipment from a variety of disciplines, Body Technic Systems®, Inc., offers custom-designed rehabilitation programs, conditioning, and maintenance regimens tailored to each client.


Additional Associates of the Clinic:

 CAROL BAGLIA – Carol is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, who has worked with Body Technic   Systems since 2004. She is an experienced Buteyko Breathing Educator and Trainer who coaches those   with breathing difficulties to naturally restore efficient and effortless breathing without medications or   machines. Buteyko Breathing is a technique to reposition and release blockages in the sutures in the   skull and correct deformities specifically in the nasal region.

 These life-saving techniques help with:

 •Sleep apnea to provide sound sleep

 •Reduce (stress) negative emotions states

•Improve mental clarity and concentration

•Strengthen the immune system – fewer colds, flu and infections

•Boost energy and improve metabolism.

•Detoxify and cleans Breathe easier with Carol Baglia, professional breathing coach. Stop symptoms, increase energy, sleep restfully. Healthy tip: ‘Sick people breathe more; breathing more makes healthy people sick’.

 HOPE SCHULTZ  Hope Schultz is a Certified Pilates instructor/trainer, dancer and dance teacher. Focusing on training the body to move with balance and efficiency is one of Hope’s main goals when working with clients. Hope uses her Pilates repertoire as well as her movement background to bring a stronger understanding between the body and mind connection for her clients. She works at assisting the client in preventing injury as well as conditioning to maintenance. Hope assists with strength training and proper posture alignment to provide years of healthy and happy muscles. As a professional dancer, Hope has performed and choreographed for companies here in Cleveland, including: SAFMOD Performance Ensemble, Morrison Dance and the Looking Glass Project.

 KELLI SANFORD, MFA, – Kelli is a certified Pilates Instructor, owner of PHYSIQUE KINETICS LLC., and Artistic/Executive Director; Real Edge Dance Company. Ms. Sanford offers personalized training in Pilates Reformer, Chair, Spine Corrector, and small Group Mat classes for individuals of all ages & needs such as senior citizens, dancers, athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. Kelli Sanford received her Pilates training from Body Technic Systems, where she offers professional instruction that matches each client’s physical needs & goals. Physique Kinetics will help strengthen core muscles (Abdominals/Back), improve body awareness, alignment, and sculpt all muscle groups. Pilates Training improves all aspects of physical movement and common, daily activities.

Ms. Sanford’s Pilates training approach is customized for each client. It is straight forward, logical, and invigorating. Physique Kinetics’ philosophy is about finding a physical and mental balance in strength, flexibility, endurance, and concentration that will produce optimal facility of the body.  Ms. Sanford holds an MFA in Contemporary Dance from Case Western Reserve University, and is the founder and artistic director of REAL EDGE DANCE COMPANY. She is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Akron and in 2015 won the title of OVERALL MASTERS FIGURE CHAMPION at the NPC Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Competition in Lakewood, Ohio. Body Technic Systems works in close co-operation with Red Dance Center Studio to provide ongoing master-classes in dance movement

 SANDY WIEBUSCH, L.M.T. – Sandy is an educator incorporating her knowledge of Tai Chi, QiGong and massage therapy which she brings to her clients of all ages from her practice; Stress-Away Systems, which she offers to her clients as a specialist at Body Technic Systems. She earned her Ohio State License in massage therapy in 1992. Ten years later Sandy became a certified self-help instructor in the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure.

Sandy helps her clients calm their nervous system, increase their circulation and integrate their mind/body connection. Sandy will gladly share many specific ways for you to integrate the self-help features of Japanese Acupressure for your specific “projects” or imbalances. Periodically, she teaches a three-part series of Self-Help classes, at Body Technic Systems so the clients can continue to enjoy the improved energy flow at home.

 MOLLY ANDREWS-HINDERS – Molly joined Body Technic Systems after seeking holistic PT treatment for   a recurring knee injury. Following her PT visits at BTS, Molly enrolled in the Pilates Teaching Training   program, under the direction of Sunday Homitz, and has since become certified in Mat Pilates (Fall 2013)   and Machine (March 2015).

 She is a Cleveland-based professional actress, teaching artist, and musician, currently working primarily   with Cleveland Public Theatre and The Musical Theatre Project. She attributes the success of her injury   rehabilitation to Pilates, and cites the somatic practice as enriching her performance and teaching career as   well. She is passionate about using movement, acting, voice, and music skills to connect to her community.   She works at facilitate healing in self and others. She is a strong advocate of progressive social change   through her work in performance art.


 TOM EVERT – Pilates Instructor, who completed his Certified in Pilates Mat training at Body Technic   Systems, Inc., in 2015. Breathe, centering, concentration, control, precision and flow are the fundamentals   of both Dance and the Pilates Method of physical fitness. With the Paul Taylor Dance Company in NYC and   as Artistic Director of DANCEVERT, Tom Evert established himself a world-class dancer in the mastery of   these principles and is now extending this experience to all to create a movement lifestyle through one-on-   one and class training in the Pilates Method. Through athletics, the study of human anatomy, Painting and   sculpting figurative artwork, massage, performing, teaching, coaching, choreography and spiritual practice   Mr. Evert has integrated this lifetime of experience into serving the wellness of individuals from all walks of   life to align, elongate, strengthen and heal as a trainer in the Pilates Method. Do  you want to improve your   health, appearance, state of mind, and functionality? Then Choose it! •Put your attention on your posture   and breath,•avoid negative thoughts •and feel more! You will feel good instantly. So now stick with your   commitment and do it all the time…moment to moment! Feel good all the time!

April 2015 -  OhioDanceEvening Performance features professional companies and choreographers,and pre-professional companies. Each year OhioDance awards excellence in the field of dance. This year awards will be presented to Tom Evert, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the dance art form and Karen King-Cavin, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of dance education. ( click here to read more )

 Tom is enrolled in Body Technic Systems, Inc. Pilates Teacher Training Program.

 "Tom Evert is an excellent presenter. His ability to relate the techniques of basic movements to athletic skills provided the teachers with a new knowledge in the area of the physical education discipline".  (Professional Development workshop for teachers)- Leonard B. Jackson, Supervisor, Health/ Physical Education, Interscholastic Athletics.  Cleveland Public Schools

"I have had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Mr. Evert, who during the course of our project, distinguished himself as a superbly talented movement artist, a sensitive and collaborative colleague and an outstanding teacher. Michelle J. Wogaman, Program Director, Paths to Peace: Legacy Projec

 TED INGRAM JR., RDN, LDN, CPT – Integrative Clinical Nutritionist for JM Nutrition, Inc., and   Block Integrative Cancer Treatment Center, Chicago, with Dr. Block, who started the Cancer center.   Ted works with a number of physicians whether it’s patient care or organic food  development   programs.As of spring 2015 Ted has been presenting at Body Technic Systems, Inc. and has been   doing nutrition seminars in June, October 2015 and March of 2016. Ted also gives nutrient and   consultations with his clients by Skype, phone, and individual appointment. Ted has had a hand in   many celebrities’ nutrition such as Oprah Winfrey, comedian and producer - Lily  Tomlin, Dr., John   McDougall, M.D., Ellen Burstyn, actress, Dr., Cass Ingram, M.D., “Eat Right or Die Young”. Food sustainability and good nutrition continue to be paramount in his endeavors.

 Terrence J. Kavalec – BA Kent State university studied weight training at Kent, owner managing partner of Zoid gym 1989-1993 owner Fitness Clinic 1997 to present 35 years weight training experience 30 years corporate sales and marketing and more!

Sean Kennedey – Sean has a enjoyed a passion for fitness via weightlifting, sports, martial arts, and good nutrition habits since adolescence. He has practiced a vegan/vegetarian diet for nearly 20 years and has over 10 years of experience in a variety of martial arts including: American Kempo, Judo, Kali Stick & Knife Fighting. As a fitness professional of 10+ years as well as a certified Pilates Instructor with Body Technic Systems, Inc., he combines his knowledge of Pilates, martial arts, and good nutrition habits to help those who want to move and feel better by developing core strength, losing weight and improving flexibility.

 Maria Witt – Maria Witt of Berea, Ohio, began movement training 16 years ago, starting with her dance   education at Cleveland Dance Academy where she studied jazz, lyrical, ballet and Pointe. She continued   her movement education at The College of Wooster where she learned modern dance and choreographic   techniques under the direction of Kim Tritt. Maria graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre   and Dance at The College of Wooster. During her time at Wooster, she performed, choreographed and   designed lighting for many dance concerts. An internship in June 2015 introduced Maria to the world of   Pilates. She soon earned her mat and machine certification from Sunday Homitz, LPT at Body Technic   Systems, Inc. in Solon, Ohio. Maria will attend Walsh University’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in   August 2018.



 Jeanette Modie  Jeanette joined the BTS staff in August 2016 after training with Sunday Homitz and   becoming certified in Pilates mat instruction.  She spent 30 years as an educator and now enjoys   personalizing instruction specific to her clients fitness needs.  She is continuing her training at BodyTechnic   Systems to become certified in Pilates Machine and teaches a Pilates mat class at BTS on Saturdays