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Sunday Homitz, L.P.T



Flenenco Workshop
Featuring: Ethan Margolis and Cihtli Ocampo
Saturday June 23rd 5:00pm -7:30pm
3726 Traynham, Shaker Heights, OH 44122
(Near Warrensvile and Scottsdale)
Cost: $100
This class will be catered to all levels and all elements of Flamenco (dance, guitar, singing). During the 2.5 hour timeframe (there will be a 10 minute break in the middle) Ethan will address cante, palmas, and underlying rhythnms while Cihtli will demonstrtes how a dancer both leads and follows in a Flemenco setting. Cihtli will also give dancers 2 marcajes, 1 pataita, and a leavingstep for a party. Most likely we will work with the Bulerias rhythm as it is a single class, but we are open to combining lessons with tangos as well if the group likes. During the final hour, each student will be briefly critqued as to how their skill set might be improved and what areas they could focus on to build a stronger foundation in the art form. 4 cante letras will also be provided for the student's use in the class. there will be a short segment where the students briefly sing/play along withthe letras. Hope to see you there!
Please contact Bruce Catalano at or call 216-371-8003 to register.


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Grounding the Feet 
Sunday August 5th 9:30am -11:00am
Learn to open up the essential elements of the foot structure. Develope increased strength with comfort, and gain a better capability of grounding the feet for everyday function, balance and recreation.
Workshop Fee: $25.00