Body Technic Systems, Inc.

Sunday Homitz, L.P.T.



Private Fitness Training

Sunday Homitz, LPT Certified Instructor Student Instructor

1 session (1 hour per person)

$125 $85 $70

5 sessions package (1 hour per person)

$550 $375 $300
10 sessions package (1 hour per person)
$950 $650 $550


Pilates Teacher Training Program

The application fee is due at the time of the admissions interview. Payment plans are available for Pilates Teacher Training tuition, however tuition must be received in full prior to the exam date for the student to be eligible for certification.

Admission Requirements Include:

- Medical clearance
- Resume and letter of intent
- Completed registration form
- Interview and introductory training session


Application Fee $60
Mat Certification Tuition $5200
Machine Certification Tuition $5500
Total Tuition     $10760

Sports Performance Arts and Sports Medicine Internship
Tuition $950
Student Tuition (up to age 18) $650

50% deposit will guarantee enrollment with balance due on the first date of class.

Physical Therapy

$250 per hour consultation session. $62.50 per 15 minutes - average initial appointment lasting about 1 ½ hours and each additional session lasting about 1 hour. Appointments for sessions lasting over 45 minutes are required.

Clients seeking physical therapy are not required to provide a written referral from a physician. Physical therapy services may be fully or partially reimbursed by insurance, although Body Technic Systems®, Inc. is not part of any insurance networks.

You may need to contact your insurance to determine if a physician referral is required for reimbursement. Clients are expected to pay all fees for service at the time of the appointment, and may file a claim for reimbursement with their insurance company.



 Our rates are $75.00 per hour


Insurance and Billing

Body Technic Systems®, Inc. is not part of any insurance networks. We are an out-of-network provider. We accept BWC claims (Bureau of Workers' Compensation) and have special senior citizens rates. All fees are due at time of service. We accept check, cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Clients may file a claim for reimbursement with their insurance companies or use our billing service. Most clients receive partial to full reimbursement for physical therapy at Body Technic Systems®, Inc. from their insurance companies.

For more information on the billing service please call our office at (440) 248-WALK (9255).