I have known Ms. Homitz since 1998 when she was employed here in our Sports Medicine Section as a physical therapist. Upon completion of her Pilates certification, she became one of the first therapists in the Northeast Ohio area to institute this significant rehabilitation technique. She has since gone on to become an instructor of the Pilates technique. Ms. Homitz was a valued member of our physical therapy staff, not only as a skilled physical therapist but as a teacher in her profession with a special interest in dance and movement medicine.

John A. Bergfeld, M.D., former Team Doctor for the Cleveland Browns and Head of Orthopedics Sports Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Dear Sunday,

It’s not often that I write to a company or individual in order to thank them for their service. As you know over the last few years I have had my share of sport related surgeries and injuries and had been previously frustrated with the traditional “rehab” process. After meeting with you and your team and working through our initial rehab sessions, I knew that your philosophy of body mechanics and overall wellness was unique, insightful and truly focused on optimal health. Your approach, attention to detail and genuine caring of your patient’s health and long term success are truly special and valued especially in today’s minimalist health care system. Thank you again for all your guidance, caring and hands on work that has allowed me to return to the activities I enjoy and with a greater understanding of how to keep my body in best possible health.

Warmly, Howard Slater

Body Technic Systems is where art and science live together in comfort and harmony. Just as director Sunday Homitz is a physical therapist, a leader in somatic education, as well as a professional dancer, so Body Technic Systems reflects that wonderful integration. You won’t find sloppy instructions, or dry medical talk, but instead a place where humor, creativity, accuracy and excellence are woven into the day to day operation. Cleveland is very lucky indeed to have a place where cutting edge information on movement and fitness is available.

Kimberly McKeever

Before attending Body Technic Systems, my high school running career revolved around tendinitis, stress fractures, and a loss of hope. I visited several doctors with no solutions. With the help of Sunday Homitz and other incredibly knowledgeable instructors at Body Technic Systems, we instantly targeted the problem. My running performance has improved along with my body’s well being. I am grateful for having the opportunity to run collegiately. Thank you Body Technic Systems!

Sincerely, Nathan Tarach

In February of 2009 I suffered a shoulder separation and torn rotator cuff from an icy fall on a platform tennis court at the Chagrin Valley Athletic Club. I was 74 at the time. Surgery was recommended by the Cleveland Clinic.

Sunday provided programs including physical therapy, restricted tennis and exercises on a variety of her exercise machines last year.

Sunday then referred me to Terry Kavalec at Solon Fitness Clinic for strength training/ I have been a client there for four months.


Today I served a tennis ball! Torn rotator cuff and all. Pain free!


I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.

Jekyll’s vegetarian pizza, anyone?

Donald L. Guilian

I just wanted to send over a giant thank you for helping me out after class on Friday! The amount of relief I experienced was incredible, I had no idea how painful it had been for me to climb stairs until last night when it suddenly was an easy action. I can’t wait to get into the office and start working and exploring soon. Thanks again, Sara

Sara Himmelman

Sunday Homitz and her staff are well qualified to help you with all of your physical therapy needs. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I highly recommend them.

Dr. Nick Parasson, N.D. Summit Natural Wellness Center, Akron, Ohio.

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